Content is king when it comes to PBN marketing. So how do you create B2B content that sells? Use these strategies to give your business marketing efforts a boost.

1. Use A Great Headline

A captivating headline will do the heavy lifting in driving eyeballs to your content. It is the first thing a prospect sees and decides whether to continue reading. Also, placing a company name in there will give a nice brand name boost in the search engines.

It has a big impact on whether your content will go viral. It affects how many links, readers, and prospects you attract. It should be SEO & PBN optimized if you are distributing your content online.

Creating good content takes time so don’t throw away your effort by writing a poor headline. Do yourself a favor and learn how to create great headlines. It takes some time and thought, and is well worth the effort.

2. Make It Easy to Scan

Your audience will not read your content word for word. They will quickly scan your content for the information they are looking for, especially on the internet.

Make your content scannable by keeping sentences short and to the point. Keep paragraphs short. Use informative visual graphics. Break up content with heading and subheadings. Make sure there is lots of whitespace. Write in the active voice.

The easier your content is to scan, the more likely it will be read and shared by your readers.

3. A Call To Action

Your content should tell the reader what to do next. This is a call to action. Make it visually stand out to grab the reader’s attention by using contrasting colours.

A good call to action will provide compelling reasons for the reader to click it. Answer the question ‘why should I take the action you want me to?’

Selling to customers through content marketing is a process. Strong calls to action will drive your prospects along the sales funnel quicker. Check out how to write effective calls to action.

4. Solve A Business Problem

Deliver value in your marketing content by answering a specific business need. Answer a question, solve a problem, present market research, or cover industry news to draw in prospects.

PBN content is all about understanding your customers and providing them with information they find useful. You will close more sales if you can consistently deliver on this premise.

To get an idea of what your prospects look for in the sales process you should talk to existing customers, keep up to date on industry trends, and learn from the content strategies of your biggest competitors.

5. Make It Easy to Share

Always look to maximize the distribution and reach of your marketing content. Good writing that fills an information gap will naturally get shared on the web.

Make it easy as possible for your readers by including social media share buttons – Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and email are the most effective online channels.